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United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Contingent to the 11th World Jamboree at Marathon consisted of 1.359 Scouts, 117 Scouters and 22 Headquarters staff. The whole party flew to and from Greece in a series of eighteen Charter Flights. Every member of the Contingent took an active part in the Jamboree programme organised by our Greek hosts and came home with happy memories. Naturally we were all very pleased to have the Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, Sir Charles Maclean, camping with us for a week during the Jamboree.

The 11th World Jamboree was a superb Boys Jamboree. I had no complaint from a single boy at any time; when asked, one of the U.K. Scouts summed it up as “Fabulous Sir”. He was right.

B.A. Chacksfield, Air Vice Marshal, Contingent Leader

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