100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
Suriname’s only representative at the Jamboree was Guno Elskamp, Troop Leader of D.C. Herrenberg Group. The representative started on 19th June ’63 from Paramaribo by ship for Holland on his way to Marathon to travel together with the Dutch Contingent and reached Amsterdam on 3rd of July ’63. The ship on its voyage called at various ports. From Holland he traveled together with the Dutch Contingent by bus and reached Marathon.

In the opinion of the representative, the Jamboree was a success and there was a lot to be enjoyed especially the Talent-O-Rama, Wide Games etc. The international brotherhood of Scouts was clearly manifested in this great gathering, there being no distinction among different nationalities, castes and creeds.

F. A. Cameron, Chief Scoutmaster

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