100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
For the first time since the Godollö our boys were able to assist officially at a world Jamboree. In fact thanks to the assistance of the World Bureau we were invited by Soma Hellinon Proskopon for sending a contingent of scouts representing the various groups of scouts existing in our country. Unfortuately the cost of the Journey and examinations prevented a good number of boys assisting in the Jamboree. The final group was formed by 15 boys, one Chief and a Priest.

The enthusiasm of the scouts was very high and they enjoyed themselves throughly participating in all the competitions which our Greek friends suggested to the respective participants.

Each day, the two patrols disputed with each other the honour to have foreign visitors to meals. The different countries were represented at our tables during the camp days.

We were very touched with the kindness with which our presence at the Marathon was celebrated by the Chiefs of different associations and by the members of the World Committee and by the sympathy which the Greek people showed us at the occasion of the fete at the Athens Stadium and above all the friendliness of S.S.M.M. the King of Greece and his son Prince Constantine and Princess Sophia, who with a perfect Spanish, interested them-selves m the Scout and guide movements in Spani and in the boys of the Spanish Contingent in the Jamboree,

The Talenl-O-Rama and the camp fires were the occasion of presenting typical dances of Catalona (N.F. Spain) from where came almost all the boys and also to admire the respective dances of the others.

In short the voyage enabled us to familiarise ourselves with Marseille, Nice, Geneoa, Rome, Naples, Athens and the Argolite Region.

The excursion has given the contingent broadly positive results a tiling absolutely normal in this kind of scout reunion.

“End of the Voyage”

All the Scouts of our Contingent returned home with their heads full of ideas and experiences and with their bags full of Souvenirs filled in by all the legal means, by typical exchange and by purchase from the merchants of the Greek village.

One of the most disputed fact was the beautiful boxes in which Indian Tea was distributed which was presented by the Tea Board of India to Jamboree. As there was not enough boxes for all the boys, it was necessary to draw a lottery as no one liked to leave this special Souvenir and above all. because they wanted to taste Indian lea along with friends in their troop who had remained at home and inspite of the trouble, which was there, those who were benefited by the lottery filled in their bags with great satisfaction. A Bravo for all the Greek Scouts.

Manuel Subira, Contingent Leader

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