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South Africa
The South African Contingent to the 11th World Jamboree at Marathon, Greece, consisted of 76 Scouters and Scouts who were joined at the Jamboree by the Chief Scout of South Africa, Lt. Col. A.H. Johnstone, D.S.O. E.D.

The Contingent Leader was Mr. J.D. Fraser. S.A.H.Q. Commissioner for Development and his Deputy was Mr. Graham Green.

The Contingent was representative of the four Associations in South Africa, Indian, African, European and Colored. The Scouts were divided into two Troops, each of four Patrols.

As we usually had to travel at least 6,000 miles, it had been the tradition for many years that we included a bus tour of neighbouring countries in addition to the Jamboree itself. On this occasion the Contingent gathered together in Johannesburg from all over South Africa and flew 6,000 miles to Turin in Italy where they started a 16-day bus tour which included Como, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome. Pompeii, Naples, Amalfi and so to Brindisi where they caught a plane for Athens.

At the Jamboree the Scouts and Scouters took a full part in all the wonderful activities which had been provided - they even got used to taking a shower-bath in the teeth of a gale. It was the unanimous opinion of the Scouts that the Jamboree ended too soon: This, in itself, is a tremendous compliment to the Organisers and their painstaking work which produced such a magnificent Jamboree.

Immediately after the Jamboree, the Contingent set off on a five-day bus tour of Greece and followed this with a three-day boat trip to Crete. Immediately after this, they assembled again in Athens and flew direct back to South Africa - and so ended a great adventure.

We greatly appreciated the Indian tea at the Jamboree given by the Tea Board of India as a Symbol of World Friendship.

J. D. Fraser, Contingent Leader.

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