100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
Philippines (The Token Contingent)
The Official Contingent from Philippines consisting of 24 Scouts and Scouters could not reach the Jamboree at Marathon due to the air crash which took the lives of the entire Contingent. Philippines was however represented by a token Contingent consisting of 3 viz Nicasio Fernandez - Junior Asstt. Scout-master, Louis P. Santiago & Guillermo Flores.


“They couldn’t reach Marathon” Photo of the official delegates to the 11th World Jamboree, as they pose at Malacanang Palace grounds to pay a courtesy call on the President of the Republic of the Philippines, July 25, 1963, two days before they departed for the Jamboree.

Kneeling from left to right: APL Antonio R. Torrillo, Scouts Jose Antonio C. Delgado, Guillermo Flores (member, token delegation), Antonio M. l.imbaga, Roberto C. Castor, Wilfredo Santiago, Ramon V. Albano, Louis P. Santiago (member, token delegation) APL Victor O. de Guia, Jr.

Standing the same order: Scouts Roberto P. Lodano, Jose F. Magbanua, Romeo R. Rallos, Honry C. Chuatoco, ASM Florante L. Ojeda, L Benecio S. Tobias, Scoutmaster Bonifacio V. Lazcano, Rogelio C. Ybardolaza, Ascario A. Tuason, J. Felix P. Cuentebella, Jr. Pedro H. Gandia, JASM for Physial Arrangement Filamer S. Reyes, Gabriel Borromeo and PL Patricio D. Bayoran (Not in photo wre Scouter Librado Fernandez, Rex,. Fr. Martinez, JASM for Program and Activities Scouter Paulo C. Madrinan).

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