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About Jamboree Contigents
Pakistan contingent to the Jamboree was composed of 47 Scouts and 5 Scouters and 7 Rovers served on the International Headquarters Staff. The contingent traveled by boat from Karachi and on the way they enjoyed sightseeing as the journey lay through seven countries of the Middle and North East. The contingent visited Bahrein. Kuwait, Basrah, Baghdad. Kufa, Nasaf, Karbala, Babylon, Istanbul, Bosphorus, Erzerum, Tabrez. They were received most cordially in all the places they visited.

At the Jamboree our Scouts participated in most of the activities like Wide Games, Field Sports. Triathlon, Labours of Hercules, Exhibition, Swimming, Talent-O-Rama etc. The Exhibition Stall put up by our contingent was greatly appreciated and was visited by high dignitaries including King Paul of the Hellenes. The Jinnah Cap was also appreciated much.

The Camp-Fire saw the display of some of Pakistan’s cherished items of national significance. The “March Past” by the Contingent on the 7th August, 1963 was highly applauded. Dr. J. N. Khosla, Ambassador for India in Belgrade as also Pakistan’s Ambassador for Turkey who were present during the March Past congratulated the contingent for the smart turn out.

A national reception was held at our Camp attended by notable personalities like Major General D.C. Spry, John Thurman, D. Alexatos, G. R. Padolina. Our Chief Commissioner, Mr N. M. Khan was the host-in-chief.

The visit of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Constantine, the Chief Scout of Greece to our Camp is one of our highly cherished memories.

Our participation in the 11th World Jamboree gave our Scouts wonderful opportunities of looking wider and thinking higher.

S. Alam, Contingent Leader

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