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New Zealand
The New Zealand contingent to the Jamboree consisting of 26 Scouts and 7 Scouters left New Zealand on the 26th June, 1963 and arrived at Marathon on the 20th July, 1963 via Singapore, Colombo, Aden, Port Said, Naples and Rome. The Contingent Leader was Mr. G.A.T. Rhodes. The contingent set its camp in Antiochis Sub-Camp.

After the opening of the Jamboree the contingent was fully occupied with the activities of the Talent-O-Rama, the Labour of Hercules but there was always time for them to make new friends at the Jamboree and swap badges. Each one of the members of the contingent qualified for the “Epathlon Daphnis” Award. A large party including the Chief Scout of the Commonwealth Sir Charles Maclean, H.R.H. Prince Constantine, the Chief Scout of Greece attended the reception held by the contingent where a colorful programme of Maori Action Songs, stick games and hakas was demonstrated. These items were demonstrated also in the Talent-O-Rama where the New Zealand contingent was selected as one of the five best.

It had been the experience of a lifetime for all members of the contingent and although there were still good things in store for them, they were very reluctant to leave the new friends at Marathon on the 12th August, 1963.

L. J. Watson, Contingent Secretary

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