100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
The Luxembourg Contingent to the Marathon Jamboree was composed of 170 Scouts and Scouters - 90 from the Federation Nationale des Eclaireurs Luxembourgeois and 80 from the Federation Nationale des Scouts Luxembourgeois. Mr. Joseph Mariotti, Group Master was responsible for the Federation Nationale des Eclaireurs Luxembourgeois.

The journey to the Jamboree took us from Luxembourg to Brindisi (Italy) via Bale - Milano by train. Brindisi - Athens was made by boat through the canal of Corinth. After the eleven unforgettable days together with our brother scouts from all over the world, we had a 2 day tour through the Peloponnese: Mykenae. Epidavros. Nauplia and other very famous places had been visited.

Our journey back took us from Athens to Venice by boat, and from Venice back to Luxembourg by train.

Jean Welter, Contingent Leader

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