100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
The Liechtenstein Contingent was headed by H.S.H. Prince Emanuel with 17 others including Prince Franz, Prince Anton, Helmuth Kranz (International Commissioner), 11 Scouts and 2 Scouters and Rovers. The main Contingent travelled by train from Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein to Athens.

Prince Franz and Prince Anton travelled by road carrying tents and all other heavy equipments required for the contingent to the Jamboree. The members of the contingent enjoyed their stay inspite of the heat at Marathon. The Greek food and the delicious Indian Tea served to each patrol in specially designed caddies delighted them further. Scout Bledermann secured the Second place in the all round sports in the Jamboree which is considered to be an achievement as Liechtenstein has only 260 Scouts in the whole State.

At the close of the Jamboree we also attended the 19th World Scouts Conference at the Rhodes islands.

H.S.H. Prince Emanuel, Chief Scout of Liechtenstein

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