100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
The Jamaica Contingent at the Jamboree was made up of 22 Scouts, 4 Scouters and 10 Commissioners and Scouters. who volunteered to help the Jamboree Staff.

Leaving Jamaica on June 28, the contingent travelled by boat via Madiera, Portugal, Spain and France to England.

After a fortnight’s stay in London as guests of the 15th Finchley Scout Group, the journey to Greece was done by train travelling by way of the Netherlands, Western Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia.

The Scouts participated in all the activities arranged on the Jamboree programme and qualified for eleven laurel Awards.

There were eight Queen Scouts in the contingent, who had the pleasure of being presented to the Chief Scout of The Commonwealth Sir Charles MacLean at the Jamboree.

The friendships formed with scouts of other nations, the hospitality of our Greek hosts, and the thrill of participating in the major events of the Jamboree will be of lasting memory to all who made this memorable journey from Jamaica.

I.E. Jones, Contingent Leader

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