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About Jamboree Contigents
The Jamboree contingent to the Eleventh World Jamboree was 66 total, 12 Scouters and 54 Boy Scouts. These Scouts and Scouters had three days camping in Manzarieh, the Scouts training Centre of Iran.

The camp was for the object of getting preliminary preparedness for the World Jamboree.

The contingent moved from Tehran on May 24th 1963 in two coaches and two cars. After one night’s driving towards towards Turkey an accident happened to one of the cars near Tabriz, yet the five passengers of that car decided to move on in spite of their slight wounds.

Dr. Banai, the Chief Commissioner of Iran was the contingent’s leader in the Jamboree and Mr. Modiramani, the Boy Scouts Commissioner, led the caravan to and from Greece.

The Iranian Scouts participated in all of the activities in the Jamboree.

The exhibition put up by the Iranian Scouts won the first place and received much appreciation.

Iranian Boys received 53 Olive Load out of 54 scouts.

M. Khoshnevisan, International Commissioner

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