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About Jamboree Contigents
The Greek contingent was composed of 1,000 Scouts selected to represent their country at the Jamboree. There were many more who would have liked to share the experience but the number was limited in order to allow for more Scouts to come from abroad. These Greek boys came from all over the country, an equal percentage from each district, according to the size of their local movement. There were also Greek Scouts from Egypt.

Long before the jamboree was due to begin, many of the Scouts camped at Marathon so that they would be familiar with the surroundings when the time came for them to act as hosts to the thousands of their brother Scouts who had set sail for Greece.

Mr D. Macrides, Deputy Chief Commissioner and member of the National Council, had been in charge of the contingent’s preliminary preparations and later handed the leadership over to Mr. G. Hasapis, former Commissioner for Attica and Boeotia.

The Greeks came to Marathon as an advance party and set up their tents five days before the opening of the Jamboree. They were spread throughout the whole area, as were all the other large contingents, and so had a better opportunity of mixing with their guests and getting to know them more closely. Their camps were extremely well set up and their sites could be picked out easily by their characteristic and imposing gateways. Such structures as the Colossus of Rhodes became veritable landmarks.

The boys formed a very active group with their perlormances at the Talent-O-Rama, folk-dancing and full participation in the Air Scout and Sea Scout displays. They had brought with them a variety of model aircrafts which they flew with great skill and also excelled at swimming, rowing and life-saving.

At the official reception given by the home contingent, their guests sampled many varieties of Greek cooking. They were able to admire the folk-dances, the beautiful and colorful local costumes and listen to Greek folk-songs and music.

To offer warm hospitality to strangers comes naturally to every Greek and so the world gathering of their brother Scouts at Marathon gave them every opportunity to exercise this hospitality unreservedly and to form friendships that will last them a life-time.

Gregory Hasapis, Contingent Leader

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