100th Anniversary
About Jamboree Contigents
The Canadian Contingent to this Jamboree totalled 432. Of this number 386 were Boy Scouts and 46 were Leaders. In addition, 36 leaders, under one of our senior Scouters, Mr. John Minor, attended and provided one-half of the staff for Sub-camp, Aeantis.

The Canadian group had representatives from all ten of our Provinces and from the Canadian Military community in Europe. I was the Contingent Leader and the Deputy Leader was Mr. Fred J. Finlay, our Chief Executive Commissioner.

In selecting our delegation, we required that all boys should be of the grade of First Class Scout and should, in general, be good representatives of our country. A special Jamboree uniform was designed thought to be suitable for the Mediterranean climate as well as for summer wear here.

Our Contingent travelled to Greece by three chartered aircraft while the group from the Military community in Europe travelled by train.

Our Contingent was set up as twelve (12) Troops and these Troops were distributed throughout the Sub-camps. The Contingent Headquarters tottaled eight.

At a reception held at our Contingent Head quarters in Delphi Camp on August 4th, the Silver Fox, our highest decoration for World Scouting, was presented to the Camp Chief, Mr. Alexatos. The Canadian Ambassador to Greece, The Honourable Antonio Barrette was present for this occasion.

On Monday, August 5th His Royal Highness Crown Prince Constantine, Chief Scout of Greece visited our Camp and was presented with a wood carving of a Moose, an animal peculiar to Canada After the Jamboree, our Scouts toured Greece for a period of one week and then returned to Canada on the same chartered aircraft.

We were very pleased with the 11th World Jamboree and with the opportunity it gave us to meet Boy Scouts from other countries. Our boys took an active part in Jamboree activities and were impressed particularly by the historic background of many of the places they were able to see as well as by the courtesies and kindness of our Greek hosts.

L.H. Nicholson, Contingent Leader and Dy. Chief Scout

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