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Following many months of preparation the Australian Contingent gathered in Melbourne on May 31st to set out to the World Jamboree in Greece. Yes, May 31st. The Australian Contingent was the first to set out on the great adventure which was gathered with thousands of boys of many nations and finally came together as one great family at Marathon. Right from the start the Australian Contingent started to absorb the atmosphere of Greece as it was traveling on the Greek vessel R.H.Μ.S. PATRIS. The party threw itself into the life of the ship and took every opportunity to learn more about their future host country. The Australian contingent consisted of 38 Officers and Scouts of which 19 served on the International GHQ Staff.

Ceylon and Aden gave the party the opportunity to visit and spend a few hours with their Scouting brothers in those places and our thanks go to them for two pleasant interludes.

Ashore at Egypt for a visit to the sights of Cairo and then onto Greece, here to be welcomed as the first Official Contingent to set foot in Greece. Following tradition, the Australian Contingent visited the United Kingdom and had the pleasure of staying at Baden-Powell House. A visit to Gilwell Park was a highlight of the stay. A twenty day tour of Europe gave the party an excellent opportunity to sightseeing and to observe those things which had only been pictures in books to them. Several days at Kanderstag in the Swiss Alps proved to be a real Scouting adventure with hikes up onto the glaciers and evenings of fraternization with Scouts from many countries.

Down through Italy, rich in history, art, architecture and religion, and across to Greece by the Brindisi-Patras ferry.

The Jamboree at last. The Contingent threw itself into the job of establishing its camp with enthusiasm, with the only respite to brew a cup of tea. Gradually other Australians, who had traveled independently or were resident in Europe, filtered into the camp and visited the party. Many were the stories of adventure that were exchanged around the fire on those first meetings.

It was not long before we were getting to know our neighbours - especially the fellows from Malaya, who were constantly returning our property which had blown into their campsite, and the Canadians who ran our Sub-Camp.

Being a small Contingent we found ourselves involved in most things in the Jamboree and this gave everyone the chance of participating of at least one of the big events. The Marathon Run, Stadium Display, visit to the Palace, Talent-O-Rama, March past and opening and Closing Ceremonies were occasions which we shall long remember. Marathon may be noted for great events in history but England and Australia added to that luster when they fought out two Test cricket matches. The “Ashes” are now safely deposited in Australia.

Following the Jamboree, five Australians attended the World Bureau Conference at Rhodes and enjoyed participating in that important function. So the Jamboree ran its pleasant and exciting course and all too soon we were back in Australia much the matured for our great Scouting Adventure.

A.J. Peake, Contingent Leader

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